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‘A pretty dress can make your girl feel like princess’- Something that every parent is already aware of, but when it comes to spreading the love, we usually stumble on choosing the right kind of dresses & outfits. The quest might seem hard, but evidently, it is not. Especially when you have loads of beautiful vintage children & baby clothes to choose from Sometimes all we need is a dosage of fashion inspiration, and our platform is bursting with ideas to inspire you for mix & match style rut. Before we dive in further with amazing trendy vintage clothes, let’s think for a second about what your daughter actually seeks in their clothes.

  • The practicality & comfy – Little girls prefer to wear clothes that are stylish & comfortable both.
  • Embroider and Embellishment – A subtle blend of embellishment adds a touch of cuteness into girls clothing.
  • Cute Little Sew Pattern – Nothing beats the sewing pattern for making the dress cutest & adorable of them all. Besides, a nicely lined patterned dress is a perfect gift for a little princess.

Artsy and Vintage Clothes for Your Little Fashionista Girls

#1 ABUELA TATA CEREMONIAL DRESS – A beautiful traditional Spanish dress that’s perfect for all special occasions. The dress comes with matching knickers and bonnet and it’s the most checkout item till today.

#2 ABUELA TATA CLOUD SKIRT SET – If you are looking for something peppy or out of the box casual wear, then this will impress your daughter immensely. Featuring a cloud skirt and blouse set, it’s a fashion-savvy outfit with cool & comfortable styling.

#3 SONATA LEMON PUFFBALL DRESS It is a perfect outfit for spring & summer. Being a handmade puffball dress, you will love the lace details and design which is more like a style statement and compliments her true charm & personality.

It doesn’t have to be pink frilly clothes for your little girls. With ZEE ZEE BABY, you expand your horizon and pick cool vintage clothes. Our collection is nothing less than a touch of class, and it’s a luxurious pick…!!

Blessing Onyelobi
Blessing Onyelobi

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