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Fashion fades, but style remains; especially the classic style which truly stands the test of time. A notion that perfectly fits our Spanish dress collection. Zee Zee Baby is working with some of the iconic designers and fervently brings you with vintage timeless creations for your little boys and little girls. Since fashion is a fickle beast which is constantly reinventing with trendy designs, we make sure that our vintage collection is nothing less than a preeminent sartorial statement in the modern era. That’s the reason why community love us…!!    

‘VINTAGE-AT-BEST’ is a fashionista trend that will remain on trend even in the whirlwind of a new season’s. The reason being said is because a classy/vintage dress is a tap at the moment and makes you appear unique & swooping. Besides, little girls love the artistic work of vintage embroidered. If your girl loves to be different, then she’s going to adore our handpicked Spanish dress collection.

  • JOSE VARON SANTORINI DRESS – This beautiful ruffle Spanish dress has survived all the fashion trends in recent years, and can be worn in both casual and party occasion. The form-fitting design reflects the sophistication of the Spanish girls.
  • LA PRINCESA- SPECIAL OCCASION SET – An amazing puffball dress which remained noteworthy because of its timeless appeal. It’s a constant classic dress with an appropriate edge, outfitted with matching bonnets and knickers.
  • LA PRINCESITA COURNA DRESS – Yet another stunning puffball dress with pretty frilly layers. Being designed by well-famed Spanish Designer- La Princesita, the dress is undoubtedly an elegant choice and very comfortable & easy to carry.
  • LA PRINCESITA AUSTRIAS DRESS – “Aww…such a cute dress” that’s the ultimate gesture of most of the parents and it is indeed a cute one. The entire set is handmade and comes with matching knickers. It takes only 4-5 weeks.

Let us know which dress is your favourite one. If you are still perplexed, then don’t wait any longer to explore all the fascinating dresses of captivating design. Since each dress is a work of art, you won’t be disappointed with the look, quality and feel.

Blessing Onyelobi
Blessing Onyelobi

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