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Winter is almost upon us and we have to make sure our little ones are well protected against the vicious cold. We've put together a list of the most functional and yet beautiful pieces from our Autumn-Winter collection. 

Whether your little one is playing outside or staying indoors this stylish winter wardrobe collection has something featured to keep them warm and comfortable.

1. All-in-ones 

These adorable pieces are one of the best choices to go with, they are simple but stylish still and so cosy. Although most often limited to just sleep suit, these beautifully crafted baby all-in-ones can indeed be more. The colour, material and design makes it the perfect choice for winter days spent in or outdoors. It's the perfect winter wear for a baby girl and the blue version could also function perfectly as a winter wear for boy too.

2. H-Bar Pinny Set

This gorgeous set comes with a cute cosy cardigan to match, which can be taken off when it gets hot and put back on when the weather drops. The fancy details  makes it an easy choice for any event your little one would be attending this winter. This set is absolutely a great choice for a winter wear for a baby girl.

3. Bunny Knitted Sleep suit

This super soft bunny knitted sleep suit with buttons at the back and bottom makes for easy dressing. If your little one doesn't like staying still while dressing up, this piece is the perfect choice for a night wear. It's super cosy, warm and easy to take off and put on thus making it a great choice for winter clothes for babies.

4. Hooded Suit

Our Baby Blue Hooded Suit is indeed one of the most expedient choice for out door wear for kids. This piece comes in handy when you have to get your little one protected quickly and easily against the elements. It goes on easy and has enough room for layers. The gloves and hood offer head to toe warmth and protection against the cold.

5. Three piece padded baby suit.

This is the perfect gear for the times when you want to take them outside the house for any activity in their kid runner or trolley. It's also thick enough to keep them warm and comfortable out doors even when the weather drops viciously. It's one of our bestsellers this season.  

6. Socks.

For winter, socks that don't go beyond the knees are useless. Particularly for babies and toddlers, because with how much activity and movement they love to engage in, their pants rise up leaving the better part of their legs exposed. Babies also have the uncanny tendency to rip off short socks. Our Condor knee high sock come in various sizes and colours and are just perfect. And they last super long. All round socks and tights are one of the most essential winter wardrobe staple for babies.

What's more? You don't have to break the bank to buy these delightful pieces, payment plans are welcome.

zeezeebabyboutique Admin
zeezeebabyboutique Admin

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